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The Benefits Of Stairlifts

Stairlifts provide mobility and freedom within a home. If movement has become restricted for you or a loved one, then installing a lift can help regain confidence. At Dolphin, we understand the difficulties that need to be faced with reduced mobility.

So with that in mind, we’ve written this overview of lift advantages, so you can reclaim unrestricted movement to your home.

Unrestricted Movement Around Your Home

If you’ve been injured, or perhaps old age has restricted your movement, then living in your home may have become confined to the bottom floor. Everything is easy to access without traversing stairs, so you’ve accepted that upstairs is now off-limits. Well, with a stairlift, the second floor could become fully accessible in a matter of seconds. We offer a range of design options, from straight, curved, narrow and heavy-duty, there’s no situation where a stairlift could not improve your quality of life.


Install A Stairlift For Comfort & Convenience

Stairlifts not only provide accessibility, but they do so with safety and comfort in mind. There’s a range of different styles and upholstery options so you can pick the perfect chair for you. You can customise the material of the chair itself and its armrests. No matter what you decide, all will be installed with safety in mind.


A Range Of Stairlift Options

With so many stairlifts to choose from, it may be difficult to decide on the right choice for you. All installations begin with advice and a home survey, but it’s essential you know what options you have to choose from.

Please see below for the various designs we offer, so you can pick the best stairlift for your home:

Straight & Curved

Whether your stairs are a straight run or operate on a curve to the second floor, our expert team can install a stairlift to any incline or angle. No matter how complex or steep your stairs are, rest easy knowing we have a solution for you.

Outdoor, Narrow & Heavy Duty

Not only can we fit a stairlift in awkward places, but we even have designs custom-made to accommodate narrow entryways and excess weight. What’s more, we can even fit a stairlift into the exterior of a building. So if you need access outside or a stairlift for heavy use, we can help.

Contact Dolphin Stairlifts For High-Quality Products & Installations

At Dolphin Stairlifts, we prioritise customer care and satisfaction. We understand the difficulties you or a loved one can face with restricted mobility. Not only this, but we want to provide a comfortable, safe solution. We have a range of products, and offer to advise with free consultations to ensure you’re taken care of each step of the way. Contact us today for more information, or to discuss our products.

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