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Stairlifts Launceston

We offer a wide variety of mobility equipment and stairlifts in Launceston and throughout the surrounding locations. We supply and fit products from industry-leading mobility brands, so you can have complete confidence that we will provide quality solutions that will improve the accessibility of your property. Whether you need a stairlift to travel through your home with ease, or a step lift for a commercial premises, you can depend on us to meet your requirements. Give us a call to learn more about the services we offer our customers.

Stairlifts For Inside & Outside The Home

We supply and install a wide range of stairlifts for inside and outside the home. These include straight, curved, heavy duty, reconditioned and outdoor. A stairlift will provide you with more independence, assisting you in moving from one level to another. It also allows individuals with reduced mobility to stay in the home they adore.

Our outdoor stairlift has features including a self-charging battery, joystick control, a protective cover and a manual swivel option at the top of the stairs. We fit this stairlift to the stairs, as opposed to the wall and it is also operational between -10°c and 40°c.

Transform Your Home With A Domestic Lift

Take away the daily grind of the staircase by transforming your home with a domestic lift. We can supply and install a made to measure domestic lift for a range of needs. Whether you need a lift for a wheelchair, seated passenger or standing passengers, we have a range of options to meet your unique requirements. Furthermore, in most cases, they are relatively quick and easy to install.

We also offer servicing and repairs for damaged or under-performing lifts. There are signs to look out for that indicate your stairlift needs repaired and we are always on hand to help. Our qualified and professional engineers are available for emergency callouts, so you can be assured we will have the issue resolved as soon as possible.

Effortless Access To Your Home

Whether you are not as agile as you once were, or you have sustained an injury, we understand the frustration that comes with reduced mobility. With our indoor and outdoor lifts, gone will be the days of time consuming journeys between the different levels of your property.

What Type Of Lift Do I Need?

The type of mobility lift you need depends on various factors such as physical mobility, the layout and architecture of your property and the height distance that needs to be travelled.

There are various options available, from straight, curved and outdoor stairlifts, but if you would feel more comfortable with a home lift, step or platform lift, these may prove the best option for you. 

Get A Free Quote For Stairlifts In Launceston

Contact us today for a free quotation on domestic lifts and stairlifts in Launceston. We can install both stairlifts and home lifts for increased mobility and effortless traversal between floors. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon and providing you with our professional assistance and advice.

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