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Straight Stairlifts Cornwall

If you are thinking about getting a straight stairlift in Cornwall, speak to the team for professional and impartial advice. We sell and install a range of lifts that are fitted to straight stairwells from leading manufacturers such as Stannah, Handicare, Bruno, TK Access and Platinum. Offering a consultative approach, we will discuss your needs, provide a free home survey and recommend a range of options to suit your budget. To find out more, please visit our showroom or call to book a free home consultation.

Straight Stairlifts For Sale

A straight stairlift removes accessibility issues and will allow you easy and safe access to the upper level of your home. As a result, you can make full use of your space without restrictions. Designed to blend with your home, you can comfortably glide up and down the stairs, and with a range of safety features included, you will feel safe and secure.

Our team take the hassle out of buying a straight stairlift. With a wide range of options and specifications to choose from, we will discuss your needs and present a range of solutions that meet your requirements.

Are My Stairs Suitable For A Straight Stairlift?

Although each home differs in design, if you have a straight staircase, almost all types (including narrow stairwells) are suitable for stairlift installation. Each product we sell is customisable to your home. As a result, we can fit it on the left or right, and onto long or short staircases.

Will It Obstruct The Staircase?

No. Each product is carefully manufactured to save space. The seats, armrests and footrest can easily be folded away either manually or with the touch of a button. Furthermore, if you have a narrow staircase, we offer perch seats to minimise the amount of space your lift needs. As a result, you don’t need to worry about the lift getting in the way of other members of your household.

Packed With Safety Features

Your comfort and safety is our number one priority. Each model we sell encompasses many safety features to ensure you feel secure, meaning you can glide up and down the stairs without worry. Features can include a power swivel to safely place you on the landing and we also offer a range of seat options for ultimate comfort.

What Do We Recommend?

As a leading mobility equipment installer, we have access to all the best stairlift brands to ensure we provide our customers with exactly what they need. Just a few of the models we recommend include:

Stannah Straight Stairlifts

Stannah is a well-known stairlift manufacturer and offers high-quality straight stairlifts that are tailored to your home. With slim rails and a choice of comfortable seats including the Starla, Siena and Sadler, you can customise your mobility lift according to your own unique requirements.

Features include:  

  • Slimline rails
  • Foldaway chair for clear staircase access when not in use
  • Stylish upholstery options
  • Ergonomic seatbelt
  • Optional automatic footrest
  • Fitted to the stairs rather than the wall
  • Light touch controls
  • Sadler chair offers the perfect solution for narrow staircases
  • Manual and powered swivel seat options
  • Weight capacity: Maximum weight between 19-25 stone depending on the model
  • View the Sienna brochure here
  • View the Starla brochure here

HomeGlide Extra

Designed specifically for straight staircases, the HomeGlide Extra comes with a manual swivel seat as standard, with the option to upgrade to a powered swivel seat. Boasting a luxuriously padded seat that promotes a good posture and linked footrest, this model offers a comfortable and safe ride. 

Features include:

  • Linked footrest
  • Foldaway when not in use
  • Four different seat heights
  • Promotes good posture
  • Manual swivel seat as standard
  • Option to upgrade to powered swivel seat
  • Easy to use joystick controls
  • Retractable seatbelt
  • Weight capacity: Up to 23 stone
  • View the HomeGlide brochure here

Handicare 1100

The Handicare 1100 has an ultra slimline rail and compact design to allow easy access, even when it is not folded away. The innovative and patented four-wheel drive technology makes this lift quiet and reliable.

Features include:

  • No tooth track meaning no grease, dirt or dust
  • Slim design means it takes up less space
  • Folding chair
  • Easy to use joystick controls
  • Optional powered swivel seat and footrest
  • Retractable seatbelt
  • Continuous charge
  • Weight capacity: Up to 22 stone

Platinum Horizon

The Platinum Horizon features a single rail design and is available in two options, The Standard and The Plus. The Standard features a standard seat with a weight limit of 19 stone, and The Plus comes with an ERGO seat which can carry up to 22 stone in weight. Offering a smooth gliding action, this model is worth considering.


  • Dual-lever linked footrest
  • Foldaway chair for easy stair access when not in use
  • Easy to use ergonomic joystick controls
  • Optional powered swivel and hinge
  • Retractable seatbelt
  • Weight capacity: Up to 22 stone depending on the model you choose
  • View the Horizon brochure here

Get A Quote For A Straight Stairlift

Simply pick up the phone or call our team to arrange an appointment for a free home survey and quotation. As the leading straight stairlift supplier in Cornwall, you can rely on us for a tailored service and impartial advice.

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