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Mobility Lifts & Platform Lifts: What Is The Difference?

Mobility and platform lifts provide accessibility to a range of different areas within your property. With so many to choose from, it’s important to assess the location and purpose of your lift before making a decision. Before you contact a professional, it may be useful to understand the difference between the different products available.

As a result, we’ve put this useful comparison together, to assist you in the process.

The Different Types Of Mobility Lifts

Mobility lifts encompass a variety of stair, step, and platform lifts. It includes a variety of different applications for lifts in general, and to the untrained mind, it could seem daunting to determine which mobility lift is right for you.

Please see below a brief overview of each style to help with any choices you need to make for your home:


Stairlifts can come in narrow, heavy-duty, curved, or exterior forms. No matter the size, shape or environment, there’s a stairlift that will fit your property. The designs are comfortable and simplistic, featuring a single, padded chair and a lightweight motor to help users ascend and descend a set of stairs.

Step Lifts

Step lifts are a type of mobility lift used to traverse large, vertical steps. Often, they’re featured on the exterior of a building and they give users the freedom to ascend to higher ground with ease. Furthermore, they come in various sizes to accommodate single, standing users, or those in a wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Home Lifts

These types of lifts are similar to structures you’d find in apartment buildings or shopping centres. They can be built small to suit a single person, or larger for multiple. They’re extremely convenient, can be placed in any room, and can even be run off a standard 240v main plug socket.

Platform Lifts

Mobility Platform lifts are similar to stairlifts in the way they ascend and descend a set of steps at will. However, the size is variable and accommodates those who need space for assisted movement, such as wheelchairs.

The Advantages Of A Platform Lift

Platform lifts are a fantastic addition to the home of someone limited in mobility. For you or a loved one, the inconvenience of restricting movement devices, such as scooters or wheelchairs, can make mobility around a house difficult and taxing. By installing a platform lift, you can gain access to all levels of a property with ease. Not only this, but it doesn’t require much maintenance and running costs are surprisingly minimal.

Contact Dolphin Stairlifts For Mobility & Platform Lifts

For a range of mobility and platform lifts, get in touch with one of our experts at Dolphin Stairlifts. We’ve got decades of experience, provide in-home assessments and cover every step of installation and aftercare with our extensive packages.

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