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How To Clean Your Stairlift

Taking proper care of your stairlift is essential if you want to get the most use out of it. Though it goes without saying, the better you maintain your belongings, the longer they will last. This mantra also applies to your home stairlift, which will stay in good working order if you maintain it properly and keep it clean. To help, we’ve put together this short guide on how to clean your stairlift. Keep reading to find out our top tips.

Please note, you should always refer to the user manual to find out if the manufacturer provides information for maintenance and cleaning.

Park Your Lift

Before you start cleaning, park your lift at the bottom of your staircase. By stationing it at the foot of the stairs, you will have the best access and also minimise any risks of tripping. When cleaning your lift, never park it midway or at the top of your stairs. Not only can this make it difficult to get to, but you also risk falling down the stairs and having a nasty accident.

Switch Off Your Stairlift

Do not clean your stairlift without ensuring it is fully turned off. In doing so, you will not be at risk of the stairlift moving along the track whilst you are cleaning. As you will need to wipe over the controls, leaving the stairlift switched on means you could be knocked over or whisked away unexpectedly, which might result in injury. Additionally, whenever electrical items need to be cleaned by using water or other liquids, it’s always safer to turn them off beforehand.

Wipe Over The Chair

When it comes to cleaning the chair, take a damp cloth and gently wipe over the seat, armrests and footstool. Give the cloth a good wring between each dip, ensuring you squeeze out as much excess water as possible. If your stairlift is looking a little grubby, add a drop of washing up liquid to the water to help remove any dirt or staining. 

Don’t Forget The Track

To keep your stairlift’s rail in good working order, it’s important to give it a thorough dusting. This will help to ensure any debris is removed, and prevent dust-bunnies from accumulating along the rail. Afterwards, take your damp cloth and gently wipe along the track. To avoid leaving water marks, ensure the cloth is well wringed out.


How Often Should You Clean Your Stairlift?

You’d be surprised how quickly dirt and dust can accumulate on your lift, even with frequent use! Whilst the seat may become dirty and worn, the armrests can also fall into disarray, discolouring over time and even creating a breeding ground for bacteria. For this reason, we advise cleaning your stairlift on a weekly basis. We also recommend scheduling an annual appointment with a professional to service your lift. 

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